• Shannon Stark

Covid life

Yes Covid completely sucks. Yes I did say that I promised I never would say that when I would write but guess what, I did because that's how I honestly feel. But with that I have found some interesting things to do while stuck inside with nothing to do. So I've binged watched about half of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, Disney plus which my mother isn't pleased with. But if you need any show recommendation's I can tell you what to watch. But it was that or look at my fan for about an hour which may of been mildly entertaining but in reality it just hurt my head watching it go around and around. Many months ago I was like I'm gonna be super productive and learn new things and do things spoiler alert: I NO LONGER DO THAT!! I believe I did do that for a month or two and that's it. When I was doing that I was like I'm gonna paint and be super good news flash I am not a great painter I'm a fair painter and the only thing I can paint is backgrounds so career goal as a painter bye bye.